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Cactus Corral: Lessons from the Book of Acts

The fruit of the spirit comes from knowing God personally and learning to live his way. Cactus Corral is an eight week study on the fruit of the spirit as seen in the lives of the frist Christians in the book of Acts. In Bible Study, kids play fun, western-themed games to help them connect to the Bible in a memorable way. In JUMP (the worship segment), the Sheriff and Georgia Peach work to keep the peace, love, and joy in Sunnyville.

The Legend of Longbeard: Lessons on David

The greatest treasure of all time is knowing God! Even though King David made many mistakes, he is remembered as a man after God’s own heart. The Lost Treasure… of Longbeard is an eight week series beginning in the second half of David’s life and ending in a divided kingdom. In Bible Study, kids play fun seafaring games to help them learn important biblical truths about worship, forgiveness, and wisdom. In JUMP, the forgetful Captain Longbeard and his faithful first mate, Patch, search for Longbeard’s long lost treasure. Kids will laugh as they learn important biblical truths!