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Who is God? In ZOOM, we begin to answer that question by ZOOMING in on the different names of God.

The Bible gives God various names that all mean different things: Adonai, Jehovah Jirah, Yahweh…You’ve heard these names, but do your kids know what they mean? Each name gives us a small clue to the big picture of who God is.

This Bible-centric, fun, and flexible kit includes everything you need to teach your kids (grades 1-2) about the different names of God.

What’s Inside:

Lower Elementary Leader Guide: The perfect guide to help any volunteer become an incredible leader! It’s packed with leader devotions, Bible lessons, games, discussion questions, memory verse activities, materials lists, reproducible pages, and more.

Three Posters: Use these colorful printed posters to bring Zoom to life! The Welcome, Publicity, and Bible Verse posters will transform any space into a fun atmosphere for the kids.

Leader Resource Disc: Everything you need on one convenient disc! You’ll get the Zoom clip art, printable reproducible pages from the Leaders Guide, mini posters for each lesson, and more!



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